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Where No Sprite Has Gone Before 720p

The brief flirtation we saw with environmental interaction in Virtua Fighter 3 turned out to be a blind alley, and after negative feedback from the core fanbase, was never seen again in either of its sequels. Even the transition from sprite-based 2D to polygon-driven 3D has only really seen a superficial level of additional gameplay potential: at the end of the day, it's still about the characters playing out the exact same moves to the exact same inputs with zero variation, regardless of where they sit in the game world or what is happening around them. Street Fighter 4 - for all its brilliance - is effectively mapping the original 2D gameplay into a 3D engine.

Where No Sprite Has Gone Before 720p

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Yes, there are fairies. We see them. We see them even when there are no humans around, which I suppose is a sign either that (a) they really exist, or (b) "we believe in fairies!'' The fairies are sprites dressed like Arthur Rackham illustrations for children's books, and they flit about being fairylike. (It is often the case that fairies and elves, etc., are so busy expressing their fairyness and elfhood that they never have time to be anything else--like interesting characters, for example.) The movie is absorbing from scene to scene, and has charm, but it is a little confusing. Not many children will leave the theater being quite sure who Houdini and Conan Doyle are. And not many adults will know exactly where Houdini stands on the issue of fairies. There's a scene where he skulks around in the family darkroom, looking for evidence. And another where he speaks to the children as one trickster to another, telling them he never reveals secrets, and they shouldn't, either.

The implementation of Dynamic Resolution in UE4 is a little different than others that have been used before because we allow for the resolution to change as needed within a given range rather than being constrained to a single resolution (1080p, 900p, 720p). In this example graph, this model demonstrates what the console variables control. It demonstrates how dynamic resolution automatically adjusts within a given range (3) when everything is running fine and not over budget for the given frame. Think of this range as the cruising altitude for an airplane where it can move freely around this altitude range for an ideal speed to get to its destination. Like the airplane, the resolution does the same thing by going up and down as need to maintain a good balance of resolution and adequate performance.

That's all I have for now! When I next have time to work on this I'm hoping toimplement a single hardware sprite to use as a mouse cursor (because the CPUI'm planning to use will not have a fast enough memory bus to do that wellin software) and then connect some static RAM to produce a framebuffer. Mycurrent development board doesn't have any RAM chips, so I'll have some PCBdesign and manufacturing to do before I can dive into that.

1. with 720p trees' branches no longer have that annoying jagged 'twinkle' effect against sky, or when moving relative to other objects or 'meshing' with other trees; and also, forests look part of the mountain-scape (rather than lots of jagged sprites placed in the foreground); 350c69d7ab


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