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Hip Hop Videos With Nude Girls

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hip hop videos with nude girls

Hot girls Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are sexy, and they want you to know it. The rappers explain they are no rookies in the bedroom with references to Kegels, roleplaying and being tied-up. The video plays into fantasy as the backdrop for the song is in a funhouse. There are shots where Megan and Cardi are wrestling with each other in a pool and are covered in snakes in a sand pit. Cardi B is even rocking animal-print nipple covering in some parts of the video.

There are plenty of rap videos that have taken "Not Suitable For Work" to entirely different level. In his music video for "Pop It Shake It," YG hosts his own Project X-style house party in Miami where he rides around in a jet-ski with a butt-naked woman and encourages other topless women to take turns riding a mechanical bull. In Doja Cat's video for "Juicy" featuring Tyga, we can't see her naked self from the front, but we can basically see it all from the back.

In recent years, rappers like 50 Cent, Rihanna, Kanye West and Cardi B have created visuals that fall on the borderline between a "R" and "NC-17" rating. I mean, who can forget Kanye West's notorious video for "Famous"? His 10-minute video shows dummies that portray numerous celebrities sleeping in the nude from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian to former President Donald Trump. It's not just the visuals though. Artists like Nas, Trina, Jacki-O, Khia and 2 Live Crew have all cooked up sexually explicit lyrics that have made their songs raunchy yet unforgettable. We bring you the most risqué Hip-Hop music videos that have been released in the past two decades. If you haven't gotten the idea yet, these music videos are NSFW. WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT

My first experience with video as a tool for cultural research was as an arts educator in 1982 in Iqaluit, a tiny Nunavut arctic town known at the time by the name of Frobisher Bay. I was teaching music and drama to high school students. My friends working for ...

Best Sketch Of The Night: I've made no secret of the fact I think Mike O'Brien has been the brilliant mind behind the best sketches over the last three seasons. Even though he was moved from the stage to the writer's room this season, he still has had a few excellent digital sketches make it on air, all with his signature blend of surreal humor and deep-rooted sadness. Last night he unveiled his own well-deserved imprint ("A Mike O'Brien Picture") for Grow A Guy, which hit all those notes. We'd all be very lucky if we got one of these strange, melancholy, funny bits a week.

Best Sign That Things Are Finally Starting To Gel On Weekend Update: Colin Jost and Michael Che have had flickers of chemistry this season, but this week was the first time it felt like they really let loose. The material on the Eric Garner case was both filled with justified outrage and given a personal touch, breaking out of the staid one liner joke-for-joke delivery that they normally do. Between that intro and relationship expert Leslie Jones' flirting, this was certainly the most personality Jost has shown since he took the desk last season. Add in an appearance from Update stalwart Anthony Crispino and a solid Kim Kardashian impression from Nicki Minaj, and you have a jumbo-sized Weekend Update. Hopefully Jost and Che will continue warping the traditional set-up in coming weeks.

Obligatory Reminder That We Will All Get Old Before We Know It: The Star Wars trailer parody was solid, though it didn't quite reach the heights of past trailer parodies like The Beygency or The Midnight Coterie Of Sinister Intruders. It was a series of loose scenes all revolving around classic Star Wars characters like Luke, Lea, Han and Lando, with the joke every time being, "...they're old now, get it?" But hey, we still chuckled at Franco's Luke Sky-Walker.

Most Glaring Absences Of The Night: However, there were a lot of cast members who didn't have much to do last night: Kyle Mooney was nowhere to be found (and this was the first episode in a long time without any Mooney/Beck Bennet signature video), McKinnon didn't get much to do besides that Bieber impression, Sasheer Zamata didn't get much besides her Rihanna impression, and Vanessa Bayer seemed to only pop up in the 10-to-1 porn stars sketch.

The festivities get started off at 7 p.m. EST with a pre-show hosted by Demi Lovato. And, if the rumors are true, viewers may be treated to a secret appearance by none other than Justin Bieber. Other stars on the bill include Robert Pattinson, Frank Ocean, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry ... the list is awesome and endless.

7:35 PM: Ke$sha looks glam .... but is carrying the weirdest purse I've ever seen. "I wanted to look naked but with lace on my bits." That's a direct Ke$sha quote. She also just announced her new single "Die Young."

3:55 PM "VMAs are nothing without Gaga" is trending hard-core right now. What will we do without her tonight? No meat dress? No egg entrance. Also this was an incredible music video, how was it not nominated?

This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. My guest is the Emmy- and Oscar-nominated actor Rosie Perez. She started her performing career as a dancer. When she was 19, she was dancing at a club with her friends when a talent scout from "Soul Train" noticed her and invited her to dance on the show. She brought her style of hip-hop dancing to "Soul Train" at a time before hip-hop had entered the mainstream. She went on to be the choreographer for The Fly Girls, the dancers on the sketch comedy show "In Living Color." She choreographed music videos for Bobby Brown, Diana Ross and L.L. Cool J.

In 1988, when she was 24, Perez went to a nightclub and ended up getting in an argument with Spike Lee. He told her, I've been looking for somebody who can yell at me in exactly that way, and he cast her as his girlfriend in "Do The Right Thing." Despite the success of the movie, Rosie Perez couldn't get an agent or a manager to take her seriously as an actress. But she pushed on, something she's done her whole life, and was cast in "White Men Can't Jump" and Peter Weir's film "Fearless," which earned her a best supporting actress nomination.

PEREZ: Because I don't like traveling, and I have a fear of flying. So it's the two things combined that, you know - at this point in my career - it's 30 years plus - I was like, if I don't have to travel for work, I'd rather not. And although I really loved the script - I thought it was so weird and strange and funny and dark - I was like, oh, my God, this is amazing. But I really didn't want to get on a plane and travel all over the world for five months. And so, you know, Kaley Cuoco insisted on meeting me, and I didn't want to meet with her.

PEREZ: Yes. And they said - my manager Tarik Kanafani just kept insisting, just pushing me and pushing me. And he kept saying, I think it'd be a mistake if you turn this one down. So I said, OK, fine. I met with Kaley. And it was so irritating how charming...

PEREZ: That's a very good question. That's the question that I've been dealing with all my life that I had to learn to kind of let go 'cause I'm not going to get the answers. The only closest thing that comes to mind for some type of answer is a result of her mental illness. It just did not make any sense. And the other thing that I could think of that I was telling my father - I said maybe she was jealous. Maybe she had some type of yearning for me. You know, I don't know. I really don't know. And no one knows. But she did not want my aunt to have me.

So there - most of the time, I would go take the train down back to New York and the subways to Brooklyn with my aunt to - back to my house, my aunt's home. And once in a blue moon, I would go to my mother's home. But there were weekends where she would just deny it, and so my aunt would trek all the way upstate to see me. So there wasn't - there was hardly - I wouldn't say every, but there was hardly a weekend where I didn't see her, my aunt. And it was very seldom when I saw my mother because they would say, oh, you can't go home to your aunt this weekend because your mother's coming up for a visit. And we would sit there and wait for hours. And most of the time, she would never come. And it just - you know, all these things turned me into an introverted, you know, angry little girl.

GROSS: Well, I can't imagine what it's like to not only have your mother reject you but take you out of a home where you're loved, put you in a - you know, a Catholic home for girls as an orphan when you had both a mother and a loving aunt, and your mother would prevent you from seeing the aunt. I can't imagine how that made you feel about your ability to be loved.

PEREZ: It was horrible. It was really horrible. And on top of that, my half brothers and sisters - my mother's other children - were in the home as well. And there was the girls dormitory and the boys dormitory, and we were kept very, very separate except for playtime and eating. And the other girls in the dormitory would say, you have half sisters, but they say that you're not really their sister. And I was like, what? So it was just so confusing. And my aunt would have to fill me in. And the counselors there, too - there were some wonderful counselors there, I would have to say.

There was one very sadistic nun who used to beat the crap out of me on a regular because I had a strong will and a strong spirit, you know, 'cause I would say practically every day, I don't belong here. And it was like smack, smack, smack. Get on your knees. Pray to Jesus for forgiveness. I'm like, what? It's like, I'm 5, you know? (Laughter) It's just - and it was just too much. It was just really, really too much. And because of those formative earlier years with my aunt, who always told me I was special, always told me I was loved, I had a different sensibility than a majority of the kids there. And there was only a few that fell into the same tribe as I, in that we were like, we don't belong here.

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