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Gta V Online Casino Breach

GTA Online's controversial Diamond Casino & Resort finally opened its doors this July, after six whole years looming silently, and emptily, on the horizon. Since then, players have been able to gamble away their earnings in the glitziest of surroundings, but as of next week, they'll be given the chance to breach the casino's vault and exact revenge on its owners.

Gta V Online Casino Breach


"Something's up at The Diamond Casino & Resort," teases Rockstar, "Patrons have reported seeing unusual security patrols on the casino floor. Penthouse owners are receiving cryptic text messages from the Cheng Family Holdings. Insiders have spotted unfamiliar blueprints on Agatha Baker's desk, and visitors to their website are certain the intrusions there can only mean one thing: there's a crew getting ready to take the whole thing down."

Infiltrating the casino will, according to Rockstar, require "careful and comprehensive preparation", with the entire large-scale operation marking an "all-new approach to Heist architecture and execution" in GTA Online - one featuring multiple threads of a constantly evolving narrative, designed to be "highly re-playable with new scenarios unfolding each time".

You'll have to work with the Cheng family in the game to infiltrate the casino, breach its vault, grab its money and exact revenge on the Duggan family. The Chengs originally owned the casino until the Texan petrochemical family took over using hostile tactics. Rockstar says the event takes an all-new approach to the Heist architecture and is highly replayable, thanks to a bunch of new scenarios you can unfold. If your plan goes awry, for instance, you can shoot your way out and sacrifice your team's lives.

B.C.'s privacy commissioner has confirmed that a breach that compromised users' account details forced the shutdown of the B.C. Lottery Corporation's new online casino just hours after it was launched last week.

The site will not be back up until the problem is fixed, Denham said, adding she has asked BCLC to pay for a credit monitoring service to ensure the victims of the breach won't be targeted by fraudsters.

BCLC initially blamed the shutdown of the website on an overwhelming rush of customers when it was launched last Thursday, but made no mention of a possible breach of customers' privacy in its initial statements.

"Due to tremendous interest and traffic associated with the launch of casino games on on July 15th, BCLC servers experienced load issues causing what is technically referred to as a 'data crossover,'" the statement issued on Tuesday said.

"These 134 accounts could have been inadvertently accessed by any one of up to 105 players who were also online at the time. BCLC's assessment concludes that 12 of these 134 accounts had a measure of sensitive personal information viewed by another player," the statement said.

Before the privacy commissioner confirmed the breach, the B.C. NDP said the continued disruption of the site was raising concerns about the protection of personal information and called on the government to tell the public what is going on with the new gambling website.

"If the government is going to get into online gaming, they need to protect people's privacy. People want to be able to trust that their private information, from credit card numbers to gambling histories, is not being compromised."

The gambling website crashed just hours after its launch last Thursday and has yet to be restarted. Billed as the first government-sanctioned online casino in North America, the site was immediately controversial.

By trying to drill into the vault at the same time as a teammate, DistressedUnit said they were able to glitch through the wall without starting the vault heist's countdown timer, according to their post in r/gtaonline yesterday. News site Dexerto said this has been possible for a long time, with GTA Online players simply running into it more often recently, and a Reddit commenter named jdcbaron said, "We do this every single time."

GTA 5 has been available for at least seven years, and the fact that players are still active enough to be discovering and pointing out exploits is a testament to the game's success. It's likely to continue this reign for a long time, as GTA 5 is releasing on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X while rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 continue to circulate online.

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