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FULL TSReader.rar

First of all,it must be said that for now CrazyCat's drivers are the ones that work best with tbs6902se,which provide full or partial support for some functions,those found in dvb applications or players.Being a self-signed driver, which has not been officially released by the manufacturer,its installation is done as describe here.

FULL TSReader.rar

Hi, Is posiible to use programs like crazyscan on linux with this card? On windows there is no problem, but i use linux and would try one of this tuner to blindscan, view constellation, etc, or can i simply share this card to windows software? How can i do it? Last question, on Fotelka on 51,5E 119mbit in linux with last drivers from april 2022 i have drops like tt-3600 in another topic, On another mux with SR 97mbit and SR45000 8PSK no problem. Which drivers on linux i must use to fully support...

Summary of the supported features:Live TV (digital, analog) with teletextRadio (including web streams)Electronic Program Guide (EPG)Recordings playbackScheduling of new recordings (called Timers in XBMC)Channel groups (Pre-Eden/11.0 only)Summary of lacking features and known ussues:Scheduling of new recordings for series. This requires a change in the XBMC PVR API.HDTV playback can be choppy on less powerfull hardware.

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