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Whispering Root Locations Hollow Knight

Whispering Root Locations Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a challenging and atmospheric metroidvania game that takes place in the ruined kingdom of Hallownest. The game features a variety of secrets and hidden areas to explore, as well as a mysterious lore that can be uncovered by using the Dream Nail, a special tool that allows the player to enter the realm of dreams and collect Essence from various sources.

One of these sources are the Whispering Roots, which are strange tree-like growths that can be found throughout Hallownest. When the player hits a Whispering Root with the Dream Nail, it spawns floating Essence throughout the surrounding area for the player to collect. After collecting all Essence in the area, the root grows to a much larger size and reveals a cryptic message that gives a hint about the history of that area.

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There are a total of 15 Whispering Roots in the game, containing a total of 482 Essence. Collecting Essence is important for powering up the Dream Nail and unlocking rewards from the Seer, a mysterious NPC who resides in the Resting Grounds. In this article, we will show you where to find all of the Whispering Roots in Hollow Knight and what messages they reveal.

Ancestral Mound

The Ancestral Mound is the area that players will be led to after defeating the False Knight, one of the first bosses in the game. Players will remember that the Shaman Snail locked them inside this area after obtaining the Vengeful Spirit spell, which is used to defeat the Elder Baldur. There is a side path in the left section of the Ancestral Mound where players can find a large Soul Totem and above this is a Lifeblood Cocoon that grants temporary masks for the Knight. Players will need the Monarch Wings, an ability that allows double jumping, to reach the Whispering Root, which is located in the section above the Lifeblood Cocoon. This Whispering Root tree expels 42 Essence that players will need to collect to complete it. When the player uses the Dream Nail again, they will receive the message: ...Soul attuned... ...Spiral focus... ...Shunned Power... This message suggests that this area was once used by shamans who practiced soul magic, but they were rejected by others for their power.

City of Tears

The City of Tears is one of the largest and most important areas in Hallownest, as it was once the capital of the kingdom and housed many noble and wealthy bugs. The city is now flooded by rain and infested by hostile enemies, such as Husks and Sentries. The City of Tears Whispering Root can be found below the City Storerooms Stag Station, which is one of the fast travel points in the game. In the large room with multiple suspended platforms, players will find three paths off to the right-hand side of the chamber. The Whispering Root will be found in the bottom-most of these paths, and, after it is struck with the Dream Nail, 28 Essence will scatter into the chamber. It is advisable to take out all of the enemies before collecting the Essence, especially the Lance and Winged Sentries that are patrolling the area, to make the platforming easier. After using the Dream Nail again on the Whispering Root, players will receive the following message: ...Promised plenty... ...Souls to serve... ...Soul twisted... This message implies that the city was once prosperous and offered many opportunities for its citizens, but it also demanded their loyalty and obedience. The use of soul magic may have corrupted some of them or made them greedy.

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