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Best Way To Buy An Engagement Ring

The industry makes massive profits by selling to uninformed guys who walk through the door and want to buy the biggest ring they can afford (or stretch to afford). Jewelers do everything they can to make buying an engagement ring an emotional decision. And when you make an emotional buying decision, you spend too much.

best way to buy an engagement ring

Being a naive (at, at the time, financially irresponsible) 21-year old, I decided I would just buy a nice but modest ring and pay for it over time with a credit card. There were no shortage of jewelry stores in manhattan, so I shopped around at all the well-known jewelers like Zales, Kay, Tiffany & Co. I was smart enough, on my budget, to steer clear of Cartier, LOL.

I was turned off by the rather aggressive salespeople at Zales and ultimately ended up begin drawn to the brand mystique of Tiffany & Co. I put down $2,800 for a small half-carat round solitaire engagement ring in platinum.

The worst part? I ended up selling that Tiffany ring to a jeweler for a measly $750. You can never recoup the retail price of a diamond ring. But you get totally hosed when you pay such a premium for a brand.

If you want a highly-customized ring (beyond what you can design on these online sites), find a local independent jeweler to design the ring for you. And even in this case, you may want to buy a loose diamond online to use in the setting the jeweler designs.

If you want to buy an engagement ring your fiancée will love at the lowest price possible, first figure out: 1) What kind of rings she likes, 2) Her ring size, 3) Your budget and 4) how to compare diamonds using the four Cs. Then, visit top online jewelers to build her ring at a price you can feel good about.

With an independent jeweler, you may have more unique choices in styles and settings, as well as the ability to customize the setting if your jeweler does bespoke rings. Your local jeweler can, for example, reset a diamond you buy elsewhere or have in the family. It also feels good to support a local business.

Sites like James Allen, Brilliant Earth and Brilliant Earth and Blue Nile feature a wide variety of diamond engagement rings and the ability to build a custom ring by matching a loose diamond and setting. Like national chain jewelers, these sites have a spotless reputation so you can have 100% confidence in your transaction (no questions asked return policy, insured shipping, etc.)

Whiteflash is the home of "A Cut Above" diamonds which are among the best quality round- and princess-cut diamonds in the world. With superior diamond photographs and videos, Whiteflash's diamonds seem to come to life -- even online. Read our Whiteflash review.

Then you can move on to other details: Would she like one stone or several? A bright shiny diamond or a deep blue sapphire? Here are some other ways to get a feel for the perfect engagement ring style:

Ready to get started on a wedding and honeymoon budget? Download the EveryDollar app! It will help you save for big-ticket items, like a wedding venue and catering company, and it will help you and your spouse handle your money together as a married couple. Try EveryDollar for free today.

Selection: You've probably been saving up for this moment, and want only the best for your future spouse. A wide selection, for both diamond and setting, can have a major influence on your decision.

Customer Experience: A positive experience means more than being treated well while you shop. From return policies to repair speeds, customer service matters when choosing where to buy your engagement ring.

Did you know? The tradition of a diamond engagement ring began as an ad campaign by De Beers in the 1920s. De Beers' "A Diamond is Forever" marketing plan convinced the world that a diamond was the only way to prove your love. It remains perhaps the most successful ad campaign in history.

What We LikeBlue Nile offers diamonds and engagement rings at very competitive prices. Blue Nile has exclusive contracts with diamond wholesalers all over the world, so it has a wide selection of loose diamonds.

Another downside is that some setting styles aren't offered. For example, you may be out of luck if you're looking for a bezel or tension ring. It also doesn't have as many choices for yellow gold or rose gold rings.

Who Should Buy from Blue NileBlue Nile is great if you just want to shop for the ring on your own time without pressure. You can get a high-quality diamond for a lot less than traditional brick-and-mortar jewelry stores.

Pricing ValueCompetitively priced, comparable to online retailersSelectionLimited in-store selection, larger online offeringCustomer ExperienceGreat return policy, no servicing, lacks knowledgeable staffCreditDonkey Score:

Costco also has one of the best return policies around. You can get a refund within 30 days for any reason and have the cash in hand. To return diamond jewelry over 1.00 carat, you must bring the IGI and GIA paperwork to authenticate the jewelry. The verification can take up to 5 business days before you get a refund.[2]

DownsidesNot all Costco diamond rings are certified by GIA. Some diamonds are graded by Costco's gemologist and don't even come with a report. If you really care about properly certified diamonds, you'll want to avoid those.

For the higher-end buyer, Costco offers neither the presentation nor long-term servicing of a Tiffany engagement ring. It doesn't offer resizing services either, which can make finding the right ring difficult.

Who Should Buy From CostcoIf you want a fantastic-looking engagement ring for a great value, it's hard to beat Costco. Unless you're going the DIY route or want the prestige of a famous diamond brand, Costco will give you the best ready-to-propose engagement ring for your money.

Are Costco diamonds a good deal?Costco offers reasonable prices compared to traditional brick-and-mortar jewelers. However, all rings are pre-set and you cannot customize at all. And not all diamonds have a GIA grading report. Online jewelers like James Allen have cheaper prices and allow you to design your own ring. Costco also does not offer any after-purchase care, like resizing or cleaning.

Tiffany & Co. is the preeminent American diamond company. Since creating the "Tiffany engagement ring" in 1886, the company has become a household name, known for top quality, top price, and top service.

Who Should Buy From Tiffany & Co.If you need to own the branded best and can afford it, Tiffany engagement rings are hard to beat. For everyone else, there are better options for similar quality diamonds at lower prices.

In recent years, it has become more popular to buy an engagement ring online. Online jewelers offer competitive pricing along with large selections. And plus, you can shop from the comfort of your home without pressure.

How many carats is appropriate for an engagement ring?The average diamond size for engagement rings is 0.8 - 1.2 carat in the United States. 1 carat is a good size that you can show off without breaking the bank. However, it's most important to get an engagement ring that you can afford.

Whiteflash's grading standard is extremely stringent. To qualify for the A CUT ABOVE line, a diamond must perfect ratings in light performance, symmetry, and polish. These diamonds truly represent the best of the best.

Another drawback is that Whiteflash only offers a 90-day 0% APR financing option for online purchases (6 months for in-store).[6] So make sure you have the budget to pay in full or have another plan to finance your ring.

Ritani: for free in-store preview. If you're worried about buying an engagement ring sight unseen, Ritani allows you to preview your ring in-person for free before taking it home. After you have designed your ring online, you can get it shipped to a local partner jeweler for preview. If you love it, take it home with you that day. If not, just walk away and you won't be charged.

Brian Gavin: for quality, super ideal diamonds. Brian Gavin is the leading authority on super ideal hearts & arrows diamonds. It offers some of the best quality diamonds at affordable prices. Every diamond from Brian Gavin has true hearts & arrows patterning, is AGS Triple 0 certified, eye clean, and conflict-free. It offers a range of product lines to suit different budgets.

Leibish & Co.: for fancy colored diamonds. If you're in the market for a colored diamond, Leibish & Co. is the place to go. This jeweler specializes in fancy colored diamonds and has one of the largest online collections. They offer both loose diamonds (in any color, shape, and size) and diamond jewelry specially designed to bring out the best of the diamond.

With Clarity: for try on at home: With Clarity lets you pick 2 rings and try them on at home, for free. Every piece is handcrafted with care in their New York City studio, so you can be sure that you're only getting the highest quality.

Know her style. The ring should match her personal style. Is she more of a simple solitaire kind of girl, or a "the shinier the better" type? It should also fit with her lifestyle. If she's super active, a high-set ring would not be a good fit.

Do men wear engagement rings?It is not tradition for men to wear engagement rings in the US. However, "mangagement" rings are slowly becoming a thing. Some men may choose to wear one to signify that he is off the market as well. It's entirely up to your personal choice as a couple.

No pressure: You can take your time to choose a ring on your terms without feeling the pressure of a salesperson working on commission. Plus, if you are a less traditional couple (LGBTQ, have a huge age gap, etc.), you can feel more comfortable shopping from home.

About 1 in 3 couples buy their engagement ring from a national chain jewelry store[10]. Because of their big, recognizable names, you may be tempted as well. But it's best to avoid chain jewelers if you really want more for your money. 041b061a72

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